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Lesson 8 - Exercises

31.7.2020, , Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 8 – Exercises

Mgr. Filip Hajný, Mgr. Daniel Makovický

Exercise 1

Read this simplified e-mail response to the letter you have seen in Chapter 2 of this lesson. Correct the mistakes in the e-mail. Please note that the communication should be formal.


Hello Petr

In answer to your letter from 2015, 31.1., let me inform you that my client ABC needs to postpone cooperation with your client, as ABC is going through some temporary financial difficulties.

My client definitely agrees with the content of the Licence Agreement you connected with your letter in two versions and wants to conclude it with your client. However, we propose to conclude the agreement and begin the cooperation in the second half of this year due to the beforementioned reasons.

We are