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Lesson 10 - Exercises

31.7.2020, , Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 10 – Exercises

Mgr. Filip Hajný, Mgr. Daniel Makovický

Exercise 1

Change the following verbs into nouns

  1. retain
  2. omit
  3. pass
  4. reimburse
  5. revoke
  6. manifest
  7. withdraw
  8. incur
  9. take over
  10. cover

Exercise 2

Which word does not belong to the respective set of words? Explain your choice

premium bonus policyholder policy

career carrier consignment consignee

tenant immovable rent lessee

adult minor child major

spouse husband child wife

garnishment pledge lien pledgee

statutory representative prosecutor guardian parent

buyer purchase price discount settlement

mandator mandatary mandatory mandate

Exercise 3

Choose the best answer.