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Lesson 3 - Exercises

31.7.2020, , Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 3 - Exercises

Mgr. Filip Hajný, Mgr. Daniel Makovický

Exercise 1

Small scale businesses often face a dilemma related to the best choice of their business form. Being a sole trader and establishing a limited liability company are very often compared. Use the terminology you have already learnt and fill in the differences between these two business forms.

Issue  Sole trader  Limited liability company 
founding documents     
liability for loss     
acting on behalf of the business     
end of business     

Exercise 2

Fill in the missing prepositions. Sometimes there is no preposition needed.

  1. Articles___Association
  2. a call___ subscription ___ shares
  3. scope___business
  4. liable___breach of obligations___ entire property
  5. to conduct business___your own