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Phone calls and meetings

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Phone calls and meetings

Edward Thomas


Look at the phrases below which involve making enquiries on the phone. Can you match them with the responses?

A) Hello, is that Charles?
B) Hello, can I speak to Simon Jones please?
C) Hello, this is Mr Anderson, can you put me through to William?
D) Hi John, this is Tom.
E) Hello, I am calling about an advert in the classified section...
F) Hello, I'd like to register a complaint
1) Of course. Can you give me your name and address please?
2) Wow, man! How are you?
3) Yes, which section are you interested in?
4) Yes, but I think he's just popped out at the moment? Can you hold the line a moment?
5) No, this is David, but I can take a message.
6) Of course. Just a moment.

Correct answers are here1


Look at the conversation below between Jim and Ed. Answer Qs 1-8 following it on the page below.

E - „Hi Jim, this is Ed here.”

J - „Oh, hello”

E - „I was wondering whether we could find a time for meeting this week?”

J - „Right. I guess so. Just a second while I get my diary”

„Got it. How about Wednesday?”

E - „Can't do Wednesday, sorry. Are you free Tuesday”

J - „Well, Tuesday I only have an hour free..”

E - „What time?”

J - „between one and two...”

E - „No good, sorry. How about Friday then?”

J - „Friday, well, let me see... mmm, looks ok. Afternoon?”

E - „Afternoon's ok. What time suits you?”

J - „For me, the later the better. Is 5pm ok?”

E - „Ok, after work then, more or less. Whereabouts shall we meet?”

J - „What about the pub on the corner of main street?”

E - „The Dog and Dolly you mean?”

J - „Yes, that's the one!”

E - „Great, that's fixed then. Friday at 5 at the Dog and Dolly?”

J - „Yes, see you then. Cheers”

E - „Cheers”


1) How does Jim ask Ed to wait for a moment?

2) Is Jim positive, negative, or neutral about the idea of meeting?

3) Does Jim have any time on Tuesday?

4) How does Jim slow the conversation while he looks in his diary?

5) How does Ed ask what time is best for Jim?

6) How does Jim say later is better?

7) How does Ed say that they have agreed a time together?

8) How do they say goodbye to each other (British English)

Correct answers are here2


Can you match the formal phrases on the left of the following chart to the informal ones on the right:

Formal Informal
A) Can you hold the line please... 1) Hello, can I speak to John Jones please?
B) Excuse me while I look in my diary 2) Hi Clare, is John Jones around?
C) Would you mind waiting a moment, please... 3) Sorry he's busy just now.
D) Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr Jones, please... 4) Hi, John here...
E) Can you put me through to Mr Jones... 5) Just a second...
F) I'm sorry he's not available at the moment 6) Can you get him to call back?
G) Hello, this is Mr Jones speaking... 7) Can I take a message?
H) Hello, I'd like to talk to you about... 8) Can you hold on a moment...?
I) Would you like to leave a message? 9) Hi, about...
J) Would you mind asking him to return my call? 10) Just let me look in my diary.

Correct answers are here3


Conference calls are special types of phone call that may involve many people. Many people find them very difficult. Here is an example of the opening of a conference call. Your task is to reorganise the boxes with speakers' comments so that the dialogue is logical and makes sense.

A) Yes, Julia. 1. Phillip speaking - I have heard about this and I'm going to speak to our Embassy people about it. Thanks for raising that valuable point. Right, now I'd like 2. to turn to other business...

B) Certainly Phillip. I'll begin by quoting from the report summary then. 3. Just a moment, 4. I am just looking for my place. Ah, 5. here it is. Ok then...(time passes)

C) Just 6.